What is the Bangalore Cocktail Week?

A weeklong celebration of the cocktail craftsmanship which will be taking place at 30+ restaurants/ bars across the city with a variety of tasting sessions, parties and master classes in the art of pouring the perfect concoction.

Why do I need a wristband?

Your wristband entitles you to attend Bangalore  Cocktail Week. Through the band, you will be able to avail a particular restaurant’s/bar’s signature cocktail menu at Rs. 300/per drink (All Inclusive) for all venue .

Visit our website www.bangalorecocktailweek.com to know the venue categories. One band is for one night at all participating venues.

And so, you will receive 8 wristbands.

The wristband must be worn at all times during your visit to any of our participating venues.

How do I get this wristband?

You can buy your wristbands from

There are also a number of venues from where you can purchase your wristbands, but they will be sold one week prior to Bangalore Cocktail Week.

BCW has created 8 wristband  for you. You need to purchase a ticket which will hold 8 bands for 8 day & night.

Can I buy the wristbands individually?

Individual wristbands are not for sale, sorry!

BCW has created 8 wristband for you. You need to purchase a ticket which will hold 8 bands for 8 nights.

What is the validity of the wristband?

The wristband is valid from 19th AugustSaturday (as soon as the first bar opens!) until 26th August,  Saturday (when the last bar shuts!).

What if my wristband(s) is lost or damaged?

You will be solely responsible for your wristband(s). Keep ‘em safe!  Once lost, you’ll have to purchase them again.

What if I’m the only one in my friend circle wearing a wristband, can I get drinks for my friends?

Oops! The rest of your group will not be able to drink from the signature discounted cocktails. Each individual must wear their own wristband.

What if I wear the wrong wristband for a particular day?

We may not be able to help you with this. Our advice is to not mix up the wristbands otherwise, the restaurant/bar has the right to charge the drinks that you consume at full cost.

What else can I do during the week?

There will be many events and activities like pub crawls, pop up shows, cocktail master classes, etc. You can download the Events calendar from our website or refer to your BCW handbook for details.

Can I attend the events without purchasing the wristbands?

Yes, you can. However, with wristbands, you will get access to these events at discounted rates.

What if I miss the cab service for the pub crawl?

We advise you to be on time at the pick-up / drop points. In order for the event to move smoothly, punctuality is a must. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy at each venue. If you want to arrange your own transport for travelling, you are free to do that.

Is the cocktail competition restricted to professionals or can anybody take part in it?

Professional bartender or am amateur party mixer…The cocktail competition is open to everyone with an innovative recipe.

Is there a limit to how many cocktails I can have at a bar?

There is no limit imposed on the number of cocktails. However, we care about you so we advise you to drink wisely. The idea of Bangalore Cocktail Week is to explore new venues, cuisines & cocktails, socialize, and discover what our city has to offer.

How many restaurants/pubs can I visit in a day?

There is no limit to how many visits you can make at any of our participating venues.

Are reservations allowed?

Sorry! No reservations are allowed. It’s an open celebration week!

Is there anything else I should know?

If you’re thinking about driving, don’t do it.  We want you to enjoy yourself, but safety is our first priority.  Do not drink & drive. Do not encourage your designated driver to drink either. Stay safe and have fun!

We want to sponsor you/collaborate with you.

Write to us at:

Contact@bangalorecocktailweek.com /archit@delhicocktailweek.com




If you’re thinking about driving, don’t do it. We want you to enjoy yourself, but safety is our first priority. 

Stay safe and have fun!